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Wolves/Nugs Recap

Is it wrong to worry about what will happen to an NBA team without Darko Milicic?  Is this a good or bad thing for the future of said franchise. I haven't really figured that one out yet, but the first thing I thought of at the start of the game was that the Wolves didn't have a chance without the big fella.  This is probably not a correct opinion for me to have.  One of the things we'll take a look at when the team gets close to the 1/2 way mark is the interplay between Kevin Love, Darko, and Michael Beasley.  Darko provides some decent defense but the early returns on offense seem to indicate that he is a mind-blowing black hole of suck. 

Tonight we'll go with running random thoughts posing as a game wrap below the fold.  

First quarter: 

  • How many fouls does Kevin Love draw off of the ball?  I think he had 3 or 4 in the last game and he drew one early against Melo tonight.  
  • George Karl is a fantastic coach but it is unbelievable to me that the Nuggs aren't spacing themselves out beyond the arc.  
  • Kosta Koufos' left handed jump hook is less robotic but equally effective as Darko's.  They both can't seem to hit it.  
  • Michael Beasley's first charge seemed to be a make-up call from Denver's heart-breaking loss to the Spurs.  I don't think I've seen a make-up call span both teams and days.  PS: Manu drew a legit charge. 
  • I would not want Crunch to show up at my door with Princes Kay of the Milky Way and a box of Dominoes Pizza.  That is somewhat horrifying. 
  • Why do Nuggets fans still root for Melo?  He's pretty much ensured that they're getting nothing for the guy in a trade and he's made sweet verbal love to New York Knick fans.  
  • With Wes Johnson, Martell Webster, and Corey Brewer on the team, can someone please explain why Lazar Hayward got first quarter minutes? 
2nd Quarter
  • The Nuggs are beginning to realize the Wolves are unaware of this thing called a "three point line".  Al Harrington looks to be tonight's participant in the Wolves Three Point Camp. 
  • Somehow getting a $40 ticket for $30 to the Wiz game just doesn't seem like that big of a deal.  
  • When Martel Webster passed up an open look beyond the line to pass it to the awful shooting Hayward, J-Pete commented that "it was unselfish basketball, I'm not sure it was smart basketball."  On the next trip down the court J-Pete noted that Kevin Love needs to expand his defensive game.  J-Pete is on a roll.  He later counters Hanny's comment about it "being hard not to like" Flynn with "I don't care about the smile stuff, I want guys who can play."  J-Pete is doing the Lord's work tonight. 
  • Of course, seeing that I wondered aloud why Hayward was in the game, he seems to be playing decent ball.
  • It really is amazing how many times Jonny Flynn loses track of his man on defense.  
  • Denver fans have zero room to complain about any call against Melo.  The guy either stiff arms or pulls his man away on every offensive possession in the post.  It's more than blatant. 
  • Flynn seems to be the type of player who has played on the ball his entire life and has no clue what to do when it's not in his hands.  Even on defense, he gravitates towards the ball.  On offense he cuts towards the hoop or to the ball handler when he should focus on spacing.  Anyone who looked at him before the draft and thought he could play off the ball is...well, hey, look at that pretty kitten! 

Tonight's beverage of choice: Surly Smoke.  It's a nice Baltic Porter with a decent abv.  It's also $20/bottle and it's a little too much moolah for a good beer that you could find an equal for $4-8/bottle.  

Tonight's music of choice: Ty Segall:

It's not the best album of the year but it's my favorite.  Sort of like how I like Sir Lucious Left Foot more than Kanye's latest even though I know it's not the better piece of work. 

Although, when it comes to albums that make you want to shake your booty, they don't come any shakier than this:

Pure genius at 2:50. It's almost as genius as the 4:55 mark here. The lady in the white turtleneck behind Hanny is creepy as all get-out.

Back to the game. 


3rd quarter:


  • Kosta Koufos had a 5 hour energy at the 1/2. 
  • Beasley did not come to play tonight.  Really an embarrassing effort. He gets things rolling this quarter with a long contested 3.  He misses.  Love gets hacked on the rebound attempt, hustles back, and the Nuggs hit his man (Shelden Williams) in transition for the open shot.  This will go down as "bad defense" on Love's part, but he was running to an obviously open spot on defense and he busted his ass on offense.  He was put in this position because of a ridiculous shot.  He's not the best defender, but he's the smartest guy on the team and his defensive struggles are widely overblown when considering his teammates.  
  • It sure is nice to see George Karl on the sidelines.  It was really nice to see an early 3rd quarter interview ith him.  
  • If there ever was a game to show the net importance of avoiding large chunks of minutes given out to subpar role players, tonight is the night. 
  • This game has gotten out of hand.  More important issues: Do I start Joe Webb or Ochocinco at the 3rd wideout/TE tomorrow in my Fantasy Football semifinal game?  It's a 50/50 league and my other wideouts are Miles Austin and Gregg Jennings.  I need something special to happen in order to win.  
  • I remember when Melo dropped 33 points on the Wolves in the 3rd quarter a year or so ago.  I was driving to New Ulm listening to the Wolves in a snow storm.  I don't recommend the experience to anyone. 
  • Love is an amazing, amazing basketball player.  He's far and away the best reason to watch this team. 
4th Quarter:
  • The best thing about the games on Channel 29 is no Karl Malone fat shoes commercials. 
  • Love and Beas have kicked it into full gear.  Wolves still down by 12.  Is this a recipe game wrap?  I've gone too far to throw it all away by looking through cook books.  I'll stick with it.  Although.....Zombie Red Dead Redemption does sound kind of good right about now. 
  • Corey Brewer, despite some questionable long shots, has been playing good ball for 3-4 games now.  He's been dynamite in transition and he's even made some good passes.  
  • Minnesota Duluth pulled out the victory.
  • Winona State and MSU are going at it.  Minnesota needs a 2nd D-I team.  MSU or WSU should be D-I.  WSU just did this. For those of you who don't know, the best college ball in Minny has been played at MSU and WSU for the past 3-5 years.  
  •  The Wolves have made their way back into the game.  Can they keep it up?  They're only down by 7.  I've moved away from youtubes and google searches for WSU/MSU and I'm back focused on the game.  What will happen? Love hits his 5th 3 pointer, that's what happens.  
  • It's really fitting that the Wolves were done in by a JR Smith 3 pointer.  It was in transition and it wasn't the result of a systemic lack of regard for defending 3s, yet it was fitting.  The Wolves have now allowed 10 3s or more 12 times this year.  This is systemic. 
Ok folks, the Wolves were once again outgunned.  They will have a chance to win against the Cavs in the very near future.  They need that win in a bad way.  Other than that, be thankful for Love, Brewer's good play (of late), and....well, here's hoping for some New Year miracles.