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Was that a win or something...?

You know the old mantra: a win's a win. But this one sure was ugly and sure didn't feel like much of a victory.

The Timberwolves really had to gut this one out. They ended the first quarter in a 28-17 deficit. They shot 38%, played the usual red carpet defense, and maintained the near-1-to-1 assist/TO ratio. Shockingly, what put 'Sota over the top was free throws and three pointers.

Michael Beasley and Luke Ridnour brought it tonight. Kevin Love finally woke up in the fourth quarter. Everyone else was still on Christmas vacation. This was one of the least graceful, least coherent performances the team has played all season and it's rather amazing they came out with a 'W' at the end of it.

This is just the second road victory for the team this year, and a win they badly, badly needed. But at the same time, it was against a team the Wolves annihilated earlier this year. This time it took an early hot hand from Beasley, a Steve Nash impression for Ridnour, and a mad scramble at the end to escape by a single point.

If the Wolves want to win games against those .300-.400 clubs, they're going to need to pick up the level of play considerably. Few teams are as talent-deficient or psychologically worn down as the Cavaliers. Getting a win is nice, but it wasn't a quote-unquote "good win" by any means.


The Wolves play again tomorrow at home against the New Orleans Hornets. 7:00pm. See you all then