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A Chance to Prove Something (Wolves/Hornets gamethread)


Our Timberpuppies have taken more than their fair share of shots in the media this week. First, LeBron nominates the team for contraction (let him backtrack all he wants....we know what he meant) Then Kobe takes a backhanded swipe at both the Wolves and his own Lakers, saying they "could be playing Minnesota and I'd still be concerned".


Well, tonight the Wolves have the opportunity to respond with a "good win". Meaning a win over a team a level above themselves, but still firmly in the beatable range. The Hornets are in town tonight and have significantly cooled since their 12-1 start to the season. 'Sota matches up with the bugs everywhere except for that Chris Paul guy. So here's hoping they can pick up the level of play and get a 'W' and show the rest of the league they aren't just an afterthought.

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