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Short Hands and Silver Platters (Wolves/Nuggets gamethread)


If you thought the Timberwolves were shorthanded without Martell Webster and Jonny Flynn, then wait until you see tonight's Nuggets. Or perhaps more appropriately, what's left of the Nuggets.

Not only is Denver still without Carmelo Anthony, but they also reportedly will not be playing Al Harrinton, Kenyon Martin, or Nene tonight either. That leaves just The Birdman (who will be limited in minutes himself) and former TWolf Shelden Williams to man the paint for the Nuggets, with the extra minutes going to seldom-used players like Renaldo Balkman, Melvin Ely, and Gary Forbes.

We all sympathize with Carmelo's loss and with him and his family the best. But at the same time, this is a golden opportunity for the Wolves to do something rather rare for the club these days (read: years) - win three straight games.

Sister blog of the night is Denver Stiffs...drop on by and say hello. And as always, be excellent to one another.