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Transaction Flow Charts for All!

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Earlier version originally posted at my personal blog. Since I've got a new Wolves chart posted, I thought Hoopus might like a peek.

I read a lot of Baseball Weekly as a kid and every so often they'd have a feature listing a team's roster and noting how each player on that roster was acquired. Every issue that contained one of these sidebars was a treasure to me.

After I got over Baseball Weekly, I began to read Athlon Sports' Pro Football annual preview (which seems to be team specific nowadays). This publication was my pick because of the full listing of each team's roster and a note about how each player was acquired.

Now that my tastes have grown and print media isn't quick enough to keep up with pro sports, I've turned to the NBA and the Internet.

In the projects section of my website there's a page dedicated to my childhood obsession with pro sports transactions. I've created flow charts (thanks OmniGraffle!) for each NBA team in an attempt to accurately portray the series of transactions that brought them to their current state.

I've dabbled with these in the past at Canis Hoopus and have shared them with fellow bloggers from time to time. There have even been exquisite reinterpretations of my format that in turn made me re-think how I go about this business.

So, peruse at your leisure and let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome.