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Second verse, same as the first



Didn't I just write this post? The Wolves line-up against a post-trade deadline new-look team with a bunch of new players and their best front court player out of action and they get torn apart by getting massively worked over in the paint and near the rim.  

Last night the Wolves allowed the Bulls to go for 18-27 at the rim compared to their own 16-28 mark (led by Kevin Love's not-so-good 0-6 effort up close).  They were torn apart on the offensive boards (32.0% to 16.7%) and at the free throw line (35.2 to 23.8).  Hakim Warrick ended up with 6 offensive rebounds (compared to the Wolves' 7) and Luol Deng was a constant presence at the free throw line (with 14 FTAs).  

What all of this led to was a physically dominating Bulls victory over a team that simply didn't have the personnel to run up against big and athletic forwards who, for one shining night, were able to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.  

Well folks, that about does it for today.  Lots of stuff to get done around the house today and I have to get movin'.  

Until later.