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More Drunken Action

Perhaps the best response to the latest and greatest in Wolves action isn't to conjure up a Korean dish or two; perhaps it's straight-up public drunkenness.  You tell 'em James Brown.

As for the game...

Down by 14 at the 1/2, the Wolves started the 3rd quarter with a need to put some quick points on the board in order to get back in the game and to avoid having their throats stepped on by a Blazers team that had probably just received a rousing halftime speech about coming out with a bunch of energy and ending the game within 3-5 minutes of the start of the 3rd. 

On the first possession Jonny Flynn dribbled his team into a contested three from Ryan Gomes with time running off the shot clock.  The next time down the court they got a low percentage shot with no action towards the rim.  The third time down the court there was more dribbling and a Jonny Flynn jump shot.  (You may see a pattern developing here.)  A few possessions later Flynn took a 3 with about 3-4 seconds off the 24 second shot clock and a 1-on-4 rebounding disadvantage.  We were also treated to a twisting, falling-away Corey Brewer jump shot. 

There are rookie growing pains.  This is an offense that not many people run.  That being said, there are some things happening on this team with its offense that are not explainable with the lines that the team is pitching.  There are things happening with their 1st year point guard that simply should not be happening with a basketball player, not simply a young point guard.  Basic, basic stuff and it's becoming more and more obvious.  It is now a nightly occurrence on League Pass to listen to the opposing team's announcers marvel about how Jonny Flynn doesn't look like he knows how to run an offense or that he appears to be all about getting himself as many shots as possible...on both ends of the court. 

Unfortunately, last night's mess just wasn't a Jonny-fueled affair.  For a short period during the 3rd, the Wolves started running the offense through Darko Milicic.  Now, it's one thing to run an offense through the post and I suppose Darko is talented enough to make a few nice passes here and there, but in order for this to happen, Darko's teammates have to do things like a) move, b) look to get open, and c) cut to the hoop.  Perhaps it's simply a case of being used to playing in an offense with the Dark Lord of the Black Hole, Al Jefferson--an offense where standing around gets things done in the low left block--but at some point one would expect a fairly modest amount of movement towards the bucket in order for the Darko-centric offense to pay off.

No real point play, Darko-run offenses...oh, and they made Nic Batum look like Michael Jordan. Hooray!

Pass the bottle around.