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Hoopus Night: T-Minus 12 Days

Hoopus Night is a week from Saturday (April 3 vs. the Miami Heat) so here's a brief plug for attendance. It would be extremely helpful for our count if people who are attending either went ahead and got their ticket or at least let us know here that you will be coming.

I have a feeling that some of you may have trouble justifying paying $35 to see the Wolves at this point in the season. That's fair; perhaps next year we'll make it earlier in the year. Or we'll just go on Evan Turner Night.

BUT, don't forget that what makes Hoopus Night different from every other night (litmus test) is that we will be having a sit-down Q&A with David Kahn. The more Hoopus members in attendance, the more influential our mock offseasons will be...  maybe.

Hope you can make it.