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Wolves Updates 3/30

Love's record breaking night ... Team gets ready to launch Brewer for MIP campaign ... Wolves fall in team rankings ... 16-game losing streak continues ...

From Jerry Zgoda's twitter account:

Kevin Love's 23-pt, 22-reb game Sunday was NBA's first 20/20 game off the bench since Shawn Bradley did it in April 1998. #Timberwolves


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

Hard to imagine things are getting better in a season when the Timberwolves have matched the long-gone days of Tellis Frank and Gundars Vetra by tying a franchise record with 16 consecutive losses and by becoming only the seventh team in NBA history to lose 15 consecutive games twice in the same season.

Yet that's what the team will propose today when it launches a campaign with voting media members to promote third-year guard Corey Brewer for the league's Most Improved Player award.


From Benjamin Polk/City Pages:

The Timberwolves are punished by their own inexperience in lots of ways. Chief among them is their malignant inconsistency, their tendency to completely forget how to play for extended periods of a game.


Marc Stein/ESPN puts the Timberwolves at the very bottom of his weekly power rankings:

We warned the Wolves what would happen if the Nets ever managed two wins in the same week. The fact that Sota is the first team since the '97-98 Nuggets with two 15-game skids in the same season left us no choice.


From Bob Sansevere/Pioneer Press:

Item: The Timberwolves tie a franchise record with their 16th straight loss.

I think: On the plus side, the Wolves "only" allowed 111 points to the Phoenix Suns in that record-tying loss. It was the first time in four games this season against the Suns that the Wolves allowed fewer than 120 points. The last time they played, the Suns scored 152 points against Minnesota. So, there is some progress here. The Wolves must be busting their buttons with pride.


From Brian Johnson/Finance & Commerce:

Poor old Target Center must be feeling the blues.

These days, everyone is talking about that new sports venue on the other side of the block — the fancy outdoor baseball park with the limestone exterior, cool scoreboard, and outdoor plaza. The new home of the Minnesota Twins went as far as to steal Target Center’s first name.

Compared to its new neighbor, Target Center is yesterday’s news. Target Field is Hannah Montana; Target Center is Marie Osmond.