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Wolves Updates 4/10

Jefferson will probably accompany team on road trip...Phil Jackson says Wolves will struggle to find an FA...Team expected to fly up D-League center for tryout...Rider arrested...


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

Jefferson is attending to a female relative who has been hospitalized in the Twin Cities, but he probably will accompany the team to New Orleans on Saturday for the season's final two-game road trip, a team spokesman said.


Also from Zgoda:

Jackson was refreshingly honest when asked if he thought the Wolves can expect to sign a significant free agent with all that salary-cap money they have cleared.

"No, I don't," he said. "You have to have a team that competes, first of all. I should leave New Jersey out of it because I think New Jersey will have a bit of a bump [because of new ownership and a proposed new arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.]. Minnesota is a team that's going to struggle to find a free agent. They've got to find one that fits in with what they do."


From Kevin Ding/OC Register:

But Phil was otherwise very kind toward his good buddy Rambis, saying Kurt has done well to get Wolves to share the ball on offense.


From Stu Whitney/Argus Leader:

The Skyforce have fared better at sending players up to the NBA - such as Reggie Williams, an emerging force for Golden State Warriors, and Alexander Johnson.

Stiemsma could join that list after huddling up after Friday's game with Jerry Sichting, the Timberwolves' director of pro personnel.

The Wolves are expected to fly Stiemsma up to Minneapolis for a tryout but still have him back for Sunday's do-or-die Game 3 at the Arena.

If all goes well, the Skyforce could join the trend of adding NBA players - while riding their home-court advantage straight into the semifinals.


From the Associated Press:

Former Timberwolves guard Isaiah Rider has been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of assaulting his fiancee and reneging on a $150 cab fare.

Mesa, Ariz., police say the 39-year-old Rider was taken into custody Thursday after an officer spotted him driving erratically in a vehicle with three small children inside.

Neighbors reported seeing Rider argue with his fiancee outside their Mesa home Sunday and engage in a tug of war over her purse. Police say Rider then took a cab ride to Phoenix and ran away instead of paying the driver.


From Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune:   If Lakers had stayed, would we have had all that magic?