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Wolves Updates 4/16

Team looking to improve through draft...Casey rumored to be candidate for Clippers job...Taylor on possibility of league shutdown


From Jon Krawcysnki/AP Sports:

"Elite free agents want to go somewhere where they feel like they can win," Rambis said. "The top echelon guys we probably won't be able to get. We have cap space, we can trade for players. We don't have to sign a (prime) free agent."

The odds are, however, that if the Timberwolves do find that star player, they will do it in the draft.

"Historically most teams have done it through the draft," Kahn said. "And I don't think we're smart enough to figure out better ways than what history has shown."


From Rod Simons/Timberwolves site:

So, after a season of 67-losses, there’s a lot of work to do this off-season. It’s also ok to consider this a “make or break” off-season too. The front office b-ball decision makers get it and they know that too. Ticket prices were lowered to get fans back (at a steep cost to the financial bottom line of the ownership group too). There’s fierce competition for securing fans as customers and it’s never ever been more intense as it is now with the Twins sweet new digs, the Vikings looking to build off their great season and the loyal base that the hockey Wild enjoy. In fact, Target Field will be busy with all the excitement of outdoor baseball but it won’t be quiet across the street at T-Center. With the Lynx and Lindsay Whalen tipping off their season shortly, there will be basketball all summer on the court and upstairs as the Wolves look to continue this but not of the playoff flavor for which we all wanted.


From Sid Hartman:

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is chairman of the NBA Board of Governors and sits on all the committees, including the Labor Relations Committee.

Asked if there will be a league shutdown in 2011 as rumored, Taylor said: "Well, I'm hopeful. I don't know if I'm optimistic, in the sense that I know that the issues that we are going to deal with are difficult ones. So that talking and working together, we can resolve and find some compromises, which is what we will have to do in the end."

Among one of the things the owners are looking for is less money going to players just out of the draft.

"It's one of the things that we're proposing and I think the players will look at," Taylor said. "We are basically, as owners, saying, 'There is so much money.' And on the other hand, we're saying to the players, 'You probably have an opportunity to tell us how you want it distributed.' I mean you can do it by giving it to the key players or you can do it by giving it to the veteran players, or you can average it out -- or, as you indicated, you can give it to the rookies. I think [the players] need to have a say in that, and we're looking for some leadership from them on that issue."


Benjamin Polk/City Pages on Wednesday night's loss to Detroit:

Which is why the Wolves' sallow, aimless fourth-quarter performance was so painful to watch. Their lack of leadership, of "an impact player," as Kurt Rambis put it, has been evident all year, but never more than during this debacle.

From Kare 11:

While the president so far is a no show, the students have enticed other well known people to dine in their lunchroom, including city council members Barbara Johnson and Don Samuels, and Minnesota Timberwolves player Ryan Hollins who gave the students game tickets. 


From Justin Rogers/

Even though Milicic has some worthwhile skills, he still expects everything to be handed to him.  These latest demands prove he still doesn't get it. Keeping him on that roster will just be a distraction that franchise doesn't need. 


From Joe Hewison/  NBA Europe Live: London's highlights

The Timberwolves are set to become the first NBA team to play at The O2 twice after they battled the Boston Celtics back in 2007.



From Adrian Wojnarowski's twitter account:

Ed Stefanski interviewed Dwane Casey twice last year and source close to Sixers GM says "He loved him." Philly may have to move fast....


Also from Wojnarowski's twitter account:

should it want to hire Casey this time, because sources say he's moved to top of Clippers search. OKC almost hired Casey over PJ Carlesimo.



From Tim Krohn/Free Press:

Mankato businessman Glen Taylor has seen his net worth slip for the second consecutive year, but he remains among America’s wealthiest.

Taylor is ranked 437th on the Forbes Billionaires list with $2.2 billion in assets.

He was ranked 285 last year with a net worth of $2.4 billion and was ranked 428 in 2008 with $2.7 billion in assets.


From the Associated Press:  On-The-Move Pawlenty Looks Home For Money

Fifty Minnesota donors gave at least $1,000, up to a maximum $5,000. Among those at the top end were developer David Frauenshuh, Best Buy Co. founder Richard Schulze and Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.


From Eric Roper/Star Tribune: How many donors got their photo op with Bachmann and Palin?

Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, a well-known Republican donor, is among the six individuals who gave $10,000.