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Wolves Updates 4/27

Sessions says PG position is up for grabs and more


From David Wetzel/The Sun Times (Via feral in the comments): 

Sessions started just one game while playing behind rookie Jonny Flynn, who averaged 13.5 points and 4.4 assists per game in just under 29 minutes. Sessions said he was told the position would be up for grabs heading into next season.

"They said the position is open. There's no set [situation]," Sessions said. "When it comes to training camp, they're probably going to let us battle it out, and the best man will win and the other guy will back up. We're a great tandem though. I like Jonny. He's a great young player.

"If he backs me up or I back him up, we'll get it done."


From Dennis Velasco/Fanway:   What If The Minnesota Timberwolves Win The NBA Lottery?


From Diane Pucin/Los Angeles Times:

Because he has no immediate coaching duties with his Minnesota Timberwolves, former Lakers coach Kurt Rambis is joining Tuesday's Fox Sports West coverage of Game 5 of the Lakers-Oklahoma City first-round NBA playoff series, which is tied 2-2.