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Wolves Updates 4/30

Amick tweets that Ronzone to become team's asst GM, Flynn gets two votes in rookie balloting and more


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune: Flynn gets two votes in Rookie balloting

The top five vote-getters in the NBA's Rookie of the Year voting were point guards, a group that includes Minnesota's Jonny Flynn.

Tyreke Evans of Sacramento won a relatively close victory over Golden State's Stephen Curry, finishing with 67 first-place votes among the 123 cast by members of the media to 43 by Curry, a difference that provided a 491-391 margin.


From John Schuhmann/

In the end, Evans received 67 of a possible 123 first place votes [release, vote totals], enough to earn the fifth Rookie of the Year award in Royals/Kings franchise history and the first since they moved to Sacramento. He was in the top three on every ballot. Curry (43 first place votes) finished second, Jennings (12 first place votes) finished third and the Hornets' Darren Collison (one first place vote) finished fourth. Minnesota's Jonny Flynn and Chicago's Taj Gibson each received a pair of third place votes.


From Sam Amick/Fanhouse's twitter account (via Wile E. Coyote):

According to league source, Detroit Pistons director of basketball operations Tony Ronzone will become Minnesota's assistant GM next month.


Also from Amick's twitter account:

Move is unrelated to departure of Fred Hoiberg, the T-Wolves' former VP of basketball ops who is now head coach at Iowa State.


From Bethlehem Shoals/Fanhouse: All the Pretty Rookies of the Year


From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:

Two days before Fred Hoiberg accepted the men's basketball coaching job at his alma mater, Iowa State, the Timberwolves' assistant general manager telephoned Wolves owner Glen Taylor seeking permission to pursue the job.

Taylor not only gave permission, he told Hoiberg he would work on his behalf for the job. In return, Taylor told Hoiberg he expects him to develop some players for the Wolves.

Iowa State was the only coaching job for which Hoiberg would have left the Timberwolves. 


From Rod Simons/Timberwolves site:

Hoiberg says he’s thrilled to be heading back to alma mater. I’ll never forget covering Hoiberg. We were down in the Wolves locker room after a regular season game and Hoiberg had dunked in the game. Sweet slam too. I grabbed some quotes from #32, ran back to put ‘em on TV with highlights of the dunk and the next day, Hoiberg was recounting the sports report to me. He watched and loved it! I was thrilled too! Very cool to have players taking interest in your work.

Whatever the case, we’re going to miss Hoiberg. He admits it’s been a tough decision for his family to leave Minnesota but that’s a job he has to take and it’s a town in which he will flourish! I agree with Wolves owner Glen Taylor and the team staff. Fred Hoiberg is a class act, a friendly and wonderful person.