Let's Settle This: Trade Love, or trade Al? (with poll!)

Okay, Rubio's season is over, and there's a week until the lottery balls start bouncing. Nature and I have one thing in common: we both abhor a vacuum. So to keep the conversation moving, I'll be putting up a discussion topic that has been bandied about over the past few weeks/centuries, and we'll come to an ironclad conclusion. I'm not going to spin the questions with a whole lot of background, but feel free to add it in the comments (also feel free to suggest any future topics for Let's Settle This. Or you can, you know, post it yourself).

Today's topic is an easy one: Should the Wolves trade Kevin Love, or trade Al Jefferson?

Assume that if the trade is made for either player, it's for a player similar in age, pay, and talents. Maybe somebody like Mayo or Harden for Love, and a Kevin Martin or Danny Granger type for Al. Let's hear it!