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My head tells me that I do not believe in lucky charms or winning hands.  That being said, I've made sure my girls have their Wolves shirts on today and I'm wearing the tie I wore when I won a recent bet from a friend.  

Adding to the festivities, Hoopus will go over the 1,000,000 visitor mark sometime this morning.  Is it all coming together or are we just...well, let's not say it.  Think positive thoughts today.  Hope/pray/wish for as much luck as possible. Do not mess with karma today.  Keep your little corner of the universe as tidy as possible.  

We'll put up an open thread for the lotto but don't forget to check out the FanPost/Shot section throughout the day.  We've already had posts about what people's plans are for the lottolotto histories, and some draft-related comments by David Kahn.  I'm sure there will be more.

Until later.