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Great Off-Season Performances: Charlie Darwin Edition

Today's song is Origin of Species by Chris Smither.  This is one of those songs where you just have to tip your hat.  How on earth do you come up with something like this?  How do you fit this...

Well, Charlie Darwin looked so far
Into the way things are.
He caught a glimpse of God's
unfolding plan.

God said: "I'll make some DNA"
They can use it any way they want
From paramecium 
Right up to man."

"They'll have sex 
And mix up sections of their code
They'll have mutations...
The whole thing works like clockwork over time."

"I'll just sit back in the shade
While everyone gets laid.
That's what I call
Intelligent design."

Yeah, you and your cat named Felix,
Both wrapped up in that double helix,
Is what we call
Intelligent design.


...into a hoppin' song? However it's done, we thank Mr. Smither for doing it.  Today's alternate song also features an alternating bass: Merle Travis and the Cannonball Rag.  If you'll pay close attention to that video, you will see that he picks the entire song with only two fingers.  That's why they call it Travis Picking

While we're on the subject of good guitar playing, there's always Craig Ventresco.  If you watch his right hand, you'll see that he's playing with only a flat pick and his ring finger.  Yeah, no matter how long you'll play, you'll never be that good. Craig is a working musician in San Fransisco.  My wife and I used to drive up and see him play when we lived down in Marina.  If you watch the video on the link, you can see where he is playing these days.  

BTW: You really should check out the PF/C post by Casper right below this one.  Until later.