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Stumped in the 2nd

2nd loss in a row, 2nd lost lead in the 2nd in a row.  The Lynx now haven't won a game in Seattle since 2005.  It's too early to start talking about early-season trends, but in the first 3 games of the season the Lynx look like a squad that is a player or two away from being really good (Augustus and Wiggins will be back in June; Rebekkah Brunson should be back from overseas in the very near future) and a year or two from being a veteran squad (Nicki Anosike and Monica Wright have made a lot of young player mistakes early in the season).  

Last night the squad was done in primarily by a 2nd half scoring drought that saw the team's lead shrink to nothing because of poor shooting and too much reliance on players that shouldn't be A1 scoring least not yet, as is the case with Monica Wright.  Nicki Anosike had a couple of shot clock violations down the stretch and when the refs decided to put away the whistles, Also, Swin Cash and Lauren Jackson beat the hell out of the good gals.  

This was the team's 2nd somewhat disappointing loss in a row but there's nothing to be worried about yet.  It's impossible to get a gauge on this team without Augustus, Wiggins, and Brunson.  Here's hoping the Lynx can get to full strength as soon as possible.  

Until later.