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Wolves Updates 5/28


Big Al gets community service for DWI guilty plea, draft speculation and more

From Rochelle Olson/Star Tribune:

Timberwolves star Al Jefferson must perform 40 hours of community service and participate in a one-day drunken driving seminar for his guilty plea to misdemeanor drunken driving Thursday.

Lawyer Emanuel Serstock entered the plea on behalf of Jefferson, who wasn't required to attend the hearing in front of Hennepin County Judge Mel Dickstein.

The judge sentenced the Wolves center to 30 days in jail, but he won't have to serve the time if he performs the community service, attends the seminar and stays out of trouble. He also must pay a $300 fine.


From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:

Serstock said a plea agreement was reached earlier in the week with Minneapolis assistant city attorney Mary Ellen Heng. District Judge Mel Dickstein signed off on the agreement Thursday morning. Serstock said the sentence does not require Jefferson to serve jail time.

"Al was credited with one day for the night he was taken in," Serstock said. "Five of the days will go toward the community service. He'll have the remaining 24 hanging over his head for two years, as long as he has no other violations."


From Ryan Russillo/ESPN:

The early speculation is that Minnesota would be happy to see Wesley Johnson available at No. 4, but is SG/SF the biggest need? Maybe not, based on a conversation I had with GM David Kahn about the Al Jefferson-Kevin Love dynamic in the post.

"We have to have a significant third person to make it work," Kahn said. "I think on offense they played beautifully together; on defense the matchups are very problematic."

The Wolves could fill that need if either Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins is available at No. 4. Offensively, Cousins is ahead of Favors, but defense is the concern, and with Favors being the better athlete, he's the better fit.



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