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Who Should the Wolves Send to the Lottery?

In less than two weeks, the NBA Draft Lottery will be held in Secaucus, NJ - and the Timberwolves have yet to decide who will represent the team on the podium. In past years, they've tried sending Randy Foye and Kevin Love, and once in desperation they sent Fred Hoiberg with a lucky teddy bear (pictured). So far, nothing has worked.

The T-Wolves Blog is running their own contest to pick a representative, but with the lottery sneaking up, I thought it best to take a look at some of the possibilities and their pros and cons.

Al Jefferson
Pro: The closest thing the Wolves have to a face of the franchise.
Con: Nothing to do in Secaucus but drink, and if you can't find a cab in Minneapolis...

Jonny Flynn
Pro: Top pick from last year is young, optimistic, and exuberant.
Con: If handed the winning envelope, probably would drop it out of bounds.

David Kahn
Pro: Likely to be the one constant with the team amidst the upheaval he has created.
Con: If other GMs show up, he might trade his lottery spot, out of habit.

Kevin Garnett
Con: Not living in Minnesota has turned him into a jerk. May be unavailable due to suspension.

Ricky Rubio
Pro: Perhaps the luck of having him fall to the Wolves last year will transfer over to another year.
Con: Perhaps he won't show up.

Brian Cardinal
Pro: Though effort and veteran leadership seldom factor in to the draft lottery, hey, they can't hurt.
Con: The guy was both a Timberwolf and a Knick in the same season, AND was traded for Darko Milicic, and so is clearly the least lucky person in the NBA.

Darko Milicic
Pro: Probably more available than Sam Bowie.
Con: Sure, everyone would laugh, but they'd be laughing at us, not with us.

Fred Hoiberg
Pro: Able to look adorable with a teddy bear.
Con: Unable to stay away from Ames, Iowa.

Brad Lohaus
Pro: Available.
Con: According to Wikipedia, is a scout for the Spurs. Also went to Iowa despite being born in New Ulm, making him a traitor.

Christian Laettner
Pro: To break the streak of bad luck, who better than the person who started the streak of bad luck?
Con: Don't think his old "LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, WINNER (points at self)" routine would go down well on TV.