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More Draft Boardin': Dolphins Edition

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Whatever happened to Beth Orton? Central Reservation was one of the great albums of the 90s and with it coming on the heels of the promising Trailer Park and Best Bit EPs, it seemed like we had a major artist on our hands. Unfortunately, Ms. Orton began to sing only in vowels and her trip-hop updates became formulaic and...well, as much as she would have liked to capture the Americana meets Eurotrash vibe and perfect it for a few albums in a row, it just wasn't there.

That being said, she's left us with a must have album and an iTunes album worth of good to great songs off of her other work. I particularly like her work with Terry Callier. Here's another one of the two performing Callier's Lean on Me (not the Lean on Me you are thinking of).

As for Our Beloved Puppies, here's where the Community Draft Board stands at the moment:

  1. John Wall (328 out of 607)
  2. Evan Turner (558 out of 689)
  3. Derrick Favors (272 out of 535)
  4. DeMarcus Cousins (399 out of 527)
  5. Wes Johnson (575 out of 669)
  6. Al Faroq Aminu (202 out of 531)
  7. Greg Monroe (144 out of 473)
  8. Paul George (210 out of 565)
  9. Xavier Henry (301 out of 488)
  10. Cole Aldrich (121 out of 344)
Who's got next?