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We're Almost There: The Rev. Gary Davis Edition

Today's song is Cincinnati Flow Rag by the legendary Rev. Gary Davis. Davis is yet another master of the two-finger guitar picking technique. Elizabeth Cotten, Merle Travis, and now Rev. Gary Davis. Maybe we should throw in a Django video for good measure and for the sake of the left hand.

Here's where we stand with the Community Draft Board:

  1. John Wall (54%)
  2. Evan Turner (81%)
  3. Derrick Favors (50.8%)
  4. DeMarcus Cousins (64.3%)
  5. Wes Johnson (85.9%)
  6. Al Faroq Aminu (38%)
  7. Greg Monroe (30.4%)
  8. Paul George (37.1%)
  9. Xavier Henry (61.7%)
  10. Cole Aldrich (35.1%)
  11. Gordon Hayward (28%)
  12. Luke Babbitt (33.6%)
Who's got next?