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The Draft Board Moves On: The Favorite Song Edition

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If I had to pick a single song to listen to over and over until the end of time, it would be this one. We Are Real by the Silver Jews. I consider this little 3 minute passage to be the greatest set of pop music lyrics ever written:

Up the hill past 694, at the stone wall make a left,
and I will see you soon my friend if these old directions still direct.
Is the problem that we can't see or is it that the problem is beautiful to me?
The birds of Virginia are flying within you
and like background singers they all come in threes.

Won't soul music change
now that our souls have turned strange.
Once a day, twice a day...
And when on and off collide
we'll set our souls aside and walk away.

We've been raised on replicas of fake and winding roads
and day after day up on this beautiful stage
we've been playing tambourine for minimum wage
but we are real, I know we are real.

Repair is the dream of the broken thing.
Like a message broadcast on an overpass
all my favorite singers couldn't sing.
My ski vest has buttons like convenience store mirrors
and they help me see, that everything in this room right now is a part of me.

"All my favorite singers couldn't sing" would be my motto in life if it weren't already written. This band should not be broken up. If you do not own American Water, you should. Best album of the 90s. Bar none.

Before we get to today's Community Draft Board list, let's take a stroll through some of the most entertaining and spot-on things I've read in the past few days: DeMarcus Cousins' tweets.

Please draft the guy.

There's plenty more. Kevin Love, you're on notice. Boogie Cousins will out-tweet you to the end.

Here's where we stand on the community draft board:

  1. John Wall (54%)
  2. Evan Turner (81%)
  3. Derrick Favors (50.8%)
  4. DeMarcus Cousins (64.3%)
  5. Wes Johnson (85.9%)
  6. Al Faroq Aminu (38%)
  7. Greg Monroe (30.4%)
  8. Paul George (37.1%)
  9. Xavier Henry (61.7%)
  10. Cole Aldrich (35.1%)
  11. Gordon Hayward (28%)
  12. Luke Babbitt (33.6%)
  13. Ed Davis (26.9%)
  14. Hassan Whiteside (29.4%)
  15. Ekpe Udoh (41.4%)
  16. James Anderson (51.4%)
Who will be #17?