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Wolves Updates 6/2

Wolves will bring in top prospects to work out in mid-June and more


From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site: 

When Kahn and Rambis return from the trip to Europe, the team will schedule workouts with the elite prospects of the draft. Of course, is the spot for twitter updates, pictures, videos, and thoughts from Kahn following each session.

"We are going to bring in some of the top players in the middle of June, start evaluating them more and of course, there is a lot of free agency going on and a lot of trade talk. The most important is evaluating players and getting the right players for this program to make it better," Ronzone said.

Kahn admitted to reporters that conversations are taking place between executives involving several trade scenarios.


From ESPN: Chat with Chad Ford:

Ben (Minneapolis)

Any real possibility of Granger to the Wolves for Jefferson and the #16 pick?

Chad Ford  (1:11 PM)

No. Wolves would like Granger, but Pacers (and a lot of teams for that matter) are leery of Jefferson's knee. I think Granger would cost the Wolves #4,