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First Pick Open Thread/Live Blog

OK folks, it's time.  I'll put a new thread up after the first pick.  I'll also update this post throughout the action.  Don't forget to check out our Twitter feed (@canishoopus) and our links bar on the left side of the page.  I'm sure there will be all sorts of good action at A Wolf Among Wolves, Rube Chat, Real GM, etc.  

Got my beer in hand (21st Amendment) so let's get this show on the road. 

All the good stuff below the fold (remember to hit refresh every now and then). 

1805: Links of interest:


Twitter is going to be everyone's best bet tonight after this thread.  We suggest subscribing to everyone on our links list. 

7:26Lots of Ryan Gomes trade talk. Maybe to Miami for Michael Beasley. Some Utah chatter in there. Also talk of New Orleans trading Darius Songaila and Julian Wright to Minnesota for Gomes. Maybe 16 and 11 are involved there. Nothing confirmed but that's what teams are talking about at the moment.
  • 1848: Nets pick Derrick Favors.  Here it is folks.  The moment of truth.  Does POBO Kahn pass on the clear BPA and take a player below the top tier?  Has there been a trade?  It's put up or shut up time. 
  • 1849: Woj making more shit up.  Truly an embarrassment of a reporter on the Wolves front. 
  • 1853: Good lord.