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Community Draft Board, pt. 5: The Poor Dick off-season nightmare edition

First off, here's a little Tony Rice, singing the Normal Blake classic, Church Street Blues. Tony isn't at the top of the mountain anymore but here's a little snippet of what he was like at the peak of his powers. And no, no matter how long you play, you won't sound like that.

Today's Community Draft Board poll comes with a little off-season nightmare list from one of the Hoopus Community's founding fathers, Poor Dick:

1. The Wolves get into a bidding war for Gay—and win.
2. They trade Love for a bag of beans, after relegating him to the bench last season
3. They can’t get anything of value for Jefferson, so they keep him
4. They’re afraid of picking Cousins, so they either reach for another 6th man, or trade down for one
5. They decide to prove they were right on Flynn, WEllington, and Hollins, and instead of replacing them with better players, they give those three even more minutes than last year.
6. Gordon Heyward has a firm handshake, looks Kahn in the eye and says, "Nice to meet you, Sir."

Feel free to add your own in the comments. Here is what the Hoopus Community Draft Board looks like at the moment:

  1. John Wall
  2. Evan Turner
  3. Derrick Favors
  4. DeMarcus Cousins
Until later.