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Community Draft Board, pt. 6: The Dark End of the Street Edition

This old James Carr song is one of those tunes that is the first to get loaded on a new ipod, never to be taken off. This particular version is by Ry Cooder and the Chicken Skin Band live at Shepherd's Bush Television Theatre, London in 1977. The big dude in the middle absolutely kills his part. Kills it. Ry brings it all on home with one of the best understated guitar solos you will ever hope to hear.

As for our little Community Draft Board, here is how things are looking after 5 rounds:

  1. John Wall
  2. Evan Turner
  3. Derrick Favors
  4. DeMarcus Cousins
  5. Wes Johnson

This could go in a number of ways at this point.

Back to the music for a sec...if you haven't listened to James Carr before, you really are missing out. Here he is singing A Man Needs a Woman. Now take a listen to I Don't Want to be Hurt.

Carr suffered from bipolar disorder and he never received the commercial success commensurate with the quality of his pipes. He died in a Memphis nursing home at the age of 58.