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Summer League Open Thread #1

Here it is folks.  Pick up ball at it's very finest: Las Vegas Summer League.  The place where Randy Foye and Jonny Flynn look like world-beaters.  The place where Anthony Randolph looks like the Destroyer of Worlds.  Will Rick Rickert make the team as its 6th power forward? Will Michael Beasley make a surprise appearance?  Will Jonny Flynn's best highlight of the year occur in the last minute or so of a pickup game blowout (see last year's windmill dunk)? Will Garret Siler finally catch on with an NBA team?  Will Al Jefferson finally get moved for a TPE and a bag-o-donuts? 

The answers to these questions and more will begin to be answered today at 5:30 CST.  Enjoy the tilt and extrapolate as many broad (and wild!) conclusions about the team as you possibly can.

Oh yeah, they play the Spurs.  Go read about SAS at our wonderful sister site, Pounding the Rock.