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"I just wanted the ball in my hands at the end of the game."

Remember all that talk about DMC's attitude?  It turns out he has one: a winning one.  That's the big take-away from tonight's Summer League game.  The Wolves have zero players like this guy...apparently in more ways than one.  

Wes Johnson will be a nice player, but this guy has a chance to be something very, very special.  It's not just a few Summer League games that leads me to believe this; it's the similar performances on a 30+ win college team while putting put the best freshman big numbers since Shaq while forcing opposing defenses to pay more attention to him than they did the #1 pick in the draft.  Thank goodness we won't have to watch the Wolves play him again until the start of the season.  We wish David Kahn luck in finding a better player than DMC with all of that cap space.