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Wolves Updates 7/15

Kahn and Webber talk Darko, Wolves lose to Cousins and Kings in summer league, Sessions trade rumors and more


From Chris Webber talks to David Kahn about Darko during last night's summer league game (VIDEO)



From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:

Wolves president of basketball operations David Kahn declined to confirm or deny reports that Ridnour has a deal in place, believed to be a four-year package worth $16 million.

"We're talking, but there's no contract as we speak," Kahn said Wednesday.


From Jon Krawczynski/AP Sports:

Sessions' agent told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has heard about discussions with several teams, but a deal has yet to be completed. Sessions averaged 8.2 points and 3.1 assists last year for the 15-win Wolves as the backup to Flynn.

Before Ridnour was brought into the mix, 25-year-old Ryan Hollins was the oldest player on the Timberwolves, who added 21-year-old Michael Beasley in a trade with Miami on Tuesday. Beasley has dealt with several issues off the court, but Kahn said he thinks the former No. 2 overall pick is maturing.

"I think experience really matters, of course, I would never discount that," Kahn said Tuesday night after trading Jefferson. "I think that we have though in the young kids we have on the team, everybody I think is a good person.

"And we talked last night about some of Michael's issues that he had a year ago, but all indications are that Michael is growing. I'm not saying grown, but growing. I'd love to have a couple veterans on the team, there's no question about it."



From Tom Withers twitter account:

Cavs have interest in Minnesota point guard Ramon Sessions. T-Wolves have to move him after signing Luke Ridnour. Stay tuned.


From Alan Hahn/Newsday:

The Minnesota Timberwolves continue to cling to Ricky Rubio , yet they've also been filling his position by adding point guards to the roster. According to reports, the team last night was on the verge of signing free agent Luke Ridnour , which immediately caught the attention of the Knicks , who have coveted Rubio, the 19-year-old Spanish star, since the 2009 draft.

A person with knowledge of the situation said the Knicks recently have made contact with the Timberwolves to check on Rubio's availability but got nowhere. When asked by Newsday if Rubio was still off limits, Wolves president David Kahn replied, "Yes."


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

Kahn can sign Ridnour to a four-year, $16 million contract to which his agent says he has agreed, or just about any of the other dwindling number of free agents left out there in an unprecedented summer of NBA free agency.

But now Kahn also has millions and millions in salary-cap cushion, two extra first-round picks and young players such as Brewer, Flynn, Johnson and Love to offer should a big-moneyed player -- maybe even a young, blooming superstar -- signed for the coming seasons arrive on the market from a franchise looking to slash costs.

Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala or Houston's Kevin Martin?

Think bigger than that.

Denver's Carmelo Anthony?

OK, maybe not that big ...

How about, say, Atlanta forward Josh Smith or Indiana forward Danny Granger, a pair of potential perennial All-Star players given the right time and place? recap and boxscore for last night's loss to Sacramento


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune: First impressions: Kings 79, Wolves 78


From Jason Jones/Sacramento Bee:

Cousins had a message for Minnesota's summer league coach Reggie Theus at halftime.

"He was like 'We got into his head,'" Cousins said. "I was like thank you coach, I'm going to kill you this half. And after the game I was like told you I was going to kill you this half. That's all that was."

Cousins did by hitting the game winning shot on a jump hook with 2.8 seconds left in the game for a 79-78 win.

As Theus exited the gym, Cousins told him "good game" showing he knows how to leave the emotions of a game on the floor.



From Myles at A Wolf Among Wolves: The Reverse Fix


From Kelly Dwyer/Ball Don't Lie:

And the Timberwolves? Analysis? They're a mess. They got Kosta Koufos(notes)  in the deal, and he might be worth taking a look at, but they've completely wasted all the assets they've had come through Minnesota over the last few years. Al Jefferson and Kevin Love couldn't play together, but this was the best deal possible? And this is when you make the deal? For a trade exception and picks? Such a waste.


From Jeff Kaplan/ESPN:

The organizationally hyped Erick Dampier trade chip failed to deliver the home run. Let's not pretend that a big swing for the 6-foot-10 Jefferson, a double-double machine over the past four seasons, failed to materialize because the Mavs were scared off by the $42 million left on Jefferson's three-year contract.

But it did become unpalatable when combined with the Minnesota Timberwolves' refusal to budge on Cuban's demands to eat bad contracts the Mavs acquired in past trades, a total of $15.8 million due to bench warmers Matt Carroll and DeShawn Stevenson.