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Wolves Updates 7/17

Darko addresses the media, Love on his offseason and the team's roster moves, Wolves top Grizzlies in summer league and more


From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:

Milicic said he was touched that Rambis and Wolves basketball boss David Kahn traveled to Serbia in early June to talk to Milicic about returning to the NBA.

That his career hasn't followed the arc he expected? Milicic put some blame on himself. "I didn't do as much as I can," he said. "Right now I have another chance."

Having a family has rearranged his priorities, he said. He has been running and lifting for two months. Last season, he reported to the Knicks in great physical condition, but his head wasn't in the right place. "I'm going to be in good shape physically and mentally this time," he promised.


From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:

--He will not travel to Los Angeles to work out with Rambis and Michael Beasley. Instead, he’ll stay in the Twin Cities until the end of the month, working out and finding a place for he and his family to life this fall.

 --He said he intends to be more aggressive on the offensive end going forward. For him it’s all a confidence issue. "I’ve been talking to the coaches a lot,’’ he said. "They like me passing the ball, but they’re also telling me to be more aggressive in the post, try to score. Not having that much confidence in myself, I looked to pass more than go to the basket. Now I think I can score more in the post."



From Dave Campbell/Associated Press: 

Milicic said he wasn't worried about any of the criticism of Minnesota's faith in an unproven player who was out of shape when he came in the trade with New York but managed to average 8.3 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 24 games.

"I don't really follow that kind of stuff," Milicic said. "The Wolves, they wanted me here, they signed me, that's what they wanted, that's what they got. Other people, they can talk on the web. They can come to Serbia and tell me to my face. It's going to be different."


From FSN: Mike McCollow talks to Darko about the upcoming season (VIDEO)



From Nima Zarrabi/SLAM Online: Kevin Love Q + A

SLAM: Well, I love it. That’s how I want it all the time. What have you been doing this offseason—where have you been spending your time?

KL: Here in Santa Monica so this was an easy trip for me. Been working out, doing my yoga and lifting a little bit. Playing my basketball at Saint Monica’s with Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, a bunch of different players down there. OJ Mayo. A bunch of guys who are working out getting ready for USA basketball.


From Henry Abbott/TrueHoop: Why did nobody want Michael Beasley?

There's a story in there somewhere. But from what has been made public, it makes no sense at all that the Heat would have to give him away.


From Trey Kerby/Ball Don't Lie:  How not to wear a hat, starring Michael Beasley


From Bethlehem Shoals/Fanhouse: Deciphering David Kahn's Moves


From Boxscore and recap of last night's summer league win over Memphis


From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site:

Wolves Top Grizzlies, Earn First Summer League Victory

Wayne Ellington felt the beginning stages of a cold heading down to the team bus on Friday night in Las Vegas. Two hours later, the sharpshooter eclipsed his best outing of Summer League play with 25 points to lead the Wolves to their first victory over Memphis.