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Open Thread: The Kitchen And Beer Edition


Normally, I'd put up some thoughts about the Luke Ridnour signing, but normally I'm not knee deep in tearing apart my kitchen.  

The honey-do list is a tad long right now so I'll simply put this post up as an open thread for the wonders of beer and do-it-yourself home projects.  We need an official Hoopus Beer so I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I vote for 21st Amendment IPA, as it is fueling a good deal of my household work at the moment.  Leave your suggestions in the comments and we'll run a poll about what should be the official beer of choice for Hoopusdom.  Also, feel free to drop a line or two about your thoughts on the Ridnour signing and the fact that the team seems to have a thing for Milwaukee Bucks back up point guards.  

Until later. 

PS: If you are thinking about remodeling in the Mankato area, boy have we got a general contractor for you. Feel free to email me if you need a referral, as we found a fantastic local guy to work with.