Paul and 'Melo

First time poster, long time reader. I'll try to keep this quick.

As I was looking over the sports news today and learning of Chris Paul's demands to be traded preferably to a team that will then be able to make a run at another superstar (such as Carmelo), I couldn't help shake the thought that there might not be a better team in the league suited to make a run at both players than our beloved T-Wolves. Just like the Celtics before the Allen and KG trades, the Timberwolves have two things going for them: assets and cap space. For instance, couldn't we make a trade with New Orleans somewhere along the lines of Rubio, Brewer, some picks and cap relief for Paul, and then make a trade with Denver along the lines of Beasley, Pekovic, one of our wings, and several picks for 'Melo (maybe we'd have to include Love, but I really like the idea of a Paul, Melo, Love combo for years to come)? Especially since New Orleans is looking to dump salary with their impending sale and Denver isn't especially confident they can resign 'Melo? These particular trades may be a bit optimistic for the Wolves, but couldn't we offer both teams something way better than anything the Knicks or Magic could offer?

While I feel like this scenario is POTENTIALLY feasible, I also can't shake the thought that it could never, EVER happen. Such a trade would require both players to accept coming to MN when they both could have the opportunity to play in New York or Orlando. Not exactly sure how we could compete with those two teams in terms of locational desirability. Just another example of the HUGE disadvantage Kahn has when it comes to dealing with these prima donna athletes and their unwillingness to play in a cold weather location.