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Wolves Updates 7/30

Love wants to be a leader on the team and more


From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site: 


Jonah Ballow: Alright Big Al is out to Utah, which places you I would assume firmly at that number four position at that power forward spot for this team. What's your mindset now moving into the season -- probably going to be the go-to-guy for this team as far as an offensive player? And obviously we know what you can do on the boards.

Kevin Love:
Well I just feel like I have to do that. I have to be that guy you know at the end of the game that we're kind of turning to and looking to make the shot or even make the big play. So I'm willing to take that responsibility you know I think our mindset of this team needs to be defensive ball club, that we have to be fast paced with all the youth that we have to run teams out of the building and I definitely want to become a leader as well and that's something that even at 21 years old I mentioned not using my youth or using my age as an excuse. But you know just want to become a leader and help as a leader on this team for years to come.


From Chris Mannix/ Predicting Team USA's final roster

Kevin Love, F

Colangelo & Co. have been high on Love for a long time. He's a gritty rebounder who can knock down the mid-range jumper, a critical weapon against zone-friendly teams. Love's also unselfish and won't lose focus if he is not involved in the offense for extended periods of time.


From Scott Lewis/

Former 2007 Gatorade Athlete of the Year winner Kevin Love had the opportunity to hand out this year’s award. It was only three years ago when he was on the receiving end.

"It was really different. I remember attending the ceremonies and just soaking it all in," says Love. "Now, I’m able to help these athletes and give them some advice."


From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:

Ricky Rubio, 19, the Timberwolves' top 2009 draft pick who plays for Regal FC Barcelona in Spain, has been named the best young player from Europe for a second straight year by the Federation of International Basketball.


From Scott Howard-Cooper/

• In the last 13 months, the Timberwolves have drafted two point guards in the lottery (Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn), signed two as prominent free agents (Ramon Sessions, Luke Ridnour) and, in the ultimate statement of turnover, if it's OK to use that word in connection to point guards, traded away and traded for Sebastian Telfair. And they're still short-handed. Flynn could miss at least the opening month of the regular season after hip surgery, Sessions has been traded and Telfair may be bought out, leaving Ridnour and a potential search for a backup.

• It's not the Rubio selection that will come back to haunt personnel boss David Kahn, by the way. It's Flynn, and not because of the medical news. Flynn, drafted with the sixth overall pick over Curry, who went seventh to the Warriors, is the one that's going to hurt even though it would have meant the same mocking at the time for drafting point guards back-to-back. Rubio is an even better prospect now than at the time of the hypefest leading to the 2009 draft, so he's either a trade chip with increasing value or going to someday arrive in Minnesota as a superior player. Kahn will be vindicated on that one.