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Wolves Updates 8/12

Love hopeful for more minutes, Beasley on his nicknames and more


From Chris Sheridan/TrueHoop: Update from Day 2 of Team USA training camp

Kevin Love tried to do a little backtracking after telling that he felt more appreciated by Team USA than he does with the Minnesota Timberwolves. "I was a little shocked last year to be coming of the bench, but this year is a new year, obviously Al Jefferson is out of there and that will open some minutes for me. (Nikola) Pekovic is there, and Michael Beasley will play some 3 and 4, so hopefully I'll have an opportunity to play more than the 28 minutes I played last year. I'm hoping to play 30-plus and get an opportunity to win a starting job."


From Bill Ingram/Hoopsworld:

Playing for Team USA might be just the therapy a player like Kevin Love needs to change his outlook on the NBA game, and perhaps he can take what he learns - that attitude of winning, of expecting to win back to Minnesota with him when he returns to the Timberwolves. If Love can, in turn, infect his Minnesota teammates with the winning bug, it might just be the key to helping the Timberwolves break out of their long . . .long . . .slumber.



From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site:

Michael Beasley: I'm going to put a big circle around the whole NBA. You know I feel like I was counted out you know my first two seasons in the NBA, they might not have been perfect but I'm proud of them. I went to a 15-win team to averaging 45 wins in my short career. So I'm proud of that you know. And I feel like I should get a little more recognition for that but you know it's life. You know I'm just going to come out and show everybody who Michael Beasley really is, I'm going to show them who I am you know the Great 8, the new me.

Jonah Ballow: The Great 8? We've also heard B-easy which nickname is it going to be?

Michael Beasley: I got B-Easy, I've also got the Beast, I got Skittles, I got Mike.

Jonah Ballow: Skittles? What does Skittles mean?

Michael Beasley: You know growing up I ate a lot of candy, if you were my dentist you would know that, you know but I eat a lot of candy so from eight to probably like 15, you wouldn't see me without a pack of Skittles.


From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:

Eight months ago, Anthony Tolliver was putting on extra clothes to get through practice in a chilly gym in Boise, Idaho — home of the Idaho Stampede, an obscure franchise in the NBA's Development League.

Today, he's a YouTube sensation and is overjoyed to be a member of the Timberwolves, who signed the free agent forward to a two-year deal worth a reported $4.8 million. The fact that the Wolves won 15 games last season and haven't made the playoffs in seven years has no impact on Tolliver's feel-good moment.

"I had to go through a lot to get here," Tolliver said Tuesday after an individual workout at Target Center. "I'll probably appreciate this more than most guys ... guys who got drafted. I won't take a day for granted. I'm going to work hard every day and try to bring something to this team."