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Wolves Updates 8/14

Rubio still talking to Wolves and more

From Iain Rogers and Teresa Larraz/Reuters: NBA not Rubio's immediate priority

"I am still talking to Minnesota but at the moment it’s not foremost in my thoughts," Rubio told Reuters in an interview at a Madrid hotel, where the world champions are staying before their title defence in Turkey starts later this month.

"Next year we’ll think about whether I go over there. I’ll talk with whom I need to talk to, with Barcelona, with Minnesota, with my agents, and we’ll decide," he said.

There was no doubting Rubio’s eagerness to ply his trade in the best league in the world one day.

"It’s an exciting prospect playing in the NBA, one that every player wants. When you are little you dream about it.


From Chris Sheridan's twitter account:

Kevin Love sat out Team USA practice Friday due to a bruised thigh. He is day-to-day.