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Lynx Playoff Scenarios

Are below the fold...


-       Last night’s losses by the Lynx, San Antonio and Los Angeles kept the three teams in a three-way tie for the third spot in the Western Conference. Each team has two games remaining on their respective regular-season schedules.

-       The Lynx match up with Los Angeles Friday night at Staples Center. Tip is set for 9:30 pm CT.



-       They finish with a better regular season record than Los Angeles and/or San Antonio. First-round opponent would be either Phoenix or Seattle.

-       If San Antonio and Minnesota were to finish the regular season with the same record (with LA finishing one or more game(s) behind or in front of MN/SA). Lynx would advance by virtue of their 3-2 record vs. San Antonio.

-       If the Lynx defeat Los Angeles on Friday night, and the Sparks lose to the Mercury on Saturday, the Lynx are in regardless of how the game goes against Indiana on Sunday afternoon.

-       Any combination of Lynx wins and/or Los Angeles losses that add up to three. 



-       Lynx (4) vs. Seattle (1)

-       Lynx (3) vs. Phoenix (2)

-       The first potential playoff game for the Lynx would be on Wednesday, Aug. 25 or Thursday, Aug. 26 in either Seattle or Phoenix.

-       Minnesota would then host the second game of the best-of-three series on either Friday, Aug. 27 or Saturday, Aug. 28

-       A game three, in necessary, would be on either Sunday, Aug. 29 or Monday, Aug. 30



-       Lynx

o    Friday, Aug. 20 @ Los Angeles – 9:30 pm CT

o    Sunday, Aug. 22 @ Indiana – 4:00 pm CT

-       Los Angeles

o    Friday, Aug. 20 vs. Minnesota – 9:30 pm CT

o    Saturday, Aug. 21 @ Seattle – 10:00 pm CT

-       San Antonio

o    Friday, Aug. 20  vs. Indiana – 7:00 pm CT

o    Sunday, Aug. 22 vs. Phoenix – 2:00 pm CT



1.    Head-to-head winning percentage

a.     MN – 3-2 vs. San Antonio; 0-3 vs. Los Angeles. Games Remaining: 8/20 @ LA

b.     LA – 1-3 vs. San Antonio; 3-0 vs. Minnesota. Game Remaining: None

c.     SA – 2-3 vs. Minnesota; 3-1 vs. San Antonio. Games Remaining: None

2.    Conference winning percentage

a.     MN – 8-13; Games Remaining: 8/22 @ Los Angeles

b.     LA – 9-11; Games Remaining: 8/17 vs. Phoenix, 8/20 vs. Minnesota, 8/21 @ Seattle

c.     SA – 10-11; Games Remaining: 8/22 vs. Phoenix

3.    Winning percentage vs. teams at or above .500 at end-of-season

4.    Net Points, games involving tied teams

5.    Coin toss (tied teams listed alphabetically above).



-       In a three-way tie, the order would be determined by a head-to-head total of the involved teams. MN’s record vs. SA and LA; LA’s record vs. MN and SA; SA’s record vs. LA and MN. If the season were to end today, the Lynx would miss the playoffs by virtue of LA’s 4-3 record vs. SA/MN and SA’s 5-4 record vs. LA/MN. The Lynx are a combined 3-5 vs. LA (0-3) and SA (3-2) this year.

-       All playoff games will be broadcast on either ESPN or NBA