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Wolves Updates 8/22

Ronzone on hoops in Europe and more

From Alex Kennedy/Hoopsworld:

Rather than working out with the same trainers, some teams get together for extended bonding sessions. The Minnesota Timberwolves did this earlier in the offseason and the Orlando Magic are currently holding their "Building Magic" week to get everyone on the same page.

From Pete Thamel/New York Times:

Few know this better than Tony Ronzone, the director of international player personnel for the United States team. His years of circling the globe as an N.B.A. scout and a coach in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China earned him a spot on the staff. Ronzone, also an assistant general manager for the Minnesota Timberwolves, will prepare the American players for the personnel on the court and the atmosphere off it. In Europe, Ronzone said, lighters and loose change are commonly confiscated at the gate because fans have been known to heat coins before throwing them.

"The greatest job in the world is the gate person when you enter the arena," he said. "You’re not going to get your coins back."