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Wolves Updates 8/27


Reasons to watch FIBA World Championship


From Vincent Thomas/ESPN: Reasons to watch World Championship

Ricky Rubio sightings: Minnesota drafted the precocious virtuoso in 2009, but we haven't seen him since. He told Minnesota president David Kahn and the Timberwolves to kick rocks. He is the most hyped international prospect since Darko Milicic, but in Rubio's case, we should believe the hype. He might look like actor Jay Baruchel or some other dude where you wouldn't be afraid to, say, flirt with his girlfriend while he's standing next to her, but he plays like a beast. He's a cross between Pistol Pete Maravich, Jamal Crawford and Steph Curry. Rubio, who will no-look-pass you to death, is the most entertaining player in the tournament. The next month is your only chance to catch a glimpse of him for at least the next year.