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Wolves Updates 8/28

Rubio calls Minneapolis "a great city to live" and more

From Sam Amico's twiter feed (via Twolves Blog):

Early word around NBA is Nuggets will try to trade Carmelo to 1 of 3 teams: Wolves, Kings, Nets. In other words, careful what you wish for.

From Pete Thamel/New York Times:

"Ricky will be very successful," Kahn said. "No matter what he does in basketball. I just think in effect he’s been proving himself on someone else’s dime. That’s not such a bad thing."

Rubio dismissed the notion that he did not want to play for Minnesota, one of the league’s smaller markets.

"Everyone is talking like Minneapolis is not a good city to live, but I think that it’s a great city to live," he said. "O.K., the weather is not so good. But there’s a lot of things to do there, a lot of sports to watch and centers to go. I think it’s a great city."

From Pete Thamel/New York Times:

Even before Minnesota drafted him fifth over all in 2009, the biggest question looming over Rubio was when he would play in the N.B.A. The likely answer is 2011. He will return to Barcelona for a second season, which will allow him to live in the cozy beach suburb El Masnou, about two miles from his parents, while playing for one of Europe’s most prestigious teams.

"It’s my dream; we’re going to see how it goes after next season," Rubio said of the N.B.A. "My idea is to go there."

While there has been much speculation about Rubio’s future in the United States, little is known about his past and present. His house is modest and the pool is small; the only hint of celebrity is the red Alfa Romeo that Rubio drives, a car given to him by a local dealer.

Rubio’s family does not crave the spotlight, limiting his exposure to the news media and trying to ensure him a normal life.