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Wolves Updates 8/3

Wolfson: Tolliver decision expected in next two days and more


From Darren Wolfson's twitter account:

Free-agent Anthony Tolliver update: his agent spoke w/ Kahn this a.m. Will speak again w/ GS Tues. Decision expected in next 2 days


From Jonah Ballow's twitter account:

RT @WolvesCMO: Tweaked uni announcement set for 8/16. Uniforms w/ some improvements will be unveiled on social media platforms 1st.



From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site:  Hard-nosed Hayward

In a couple of months, Wolves Nation will see firsthand, Hayward does not shy from contact, "No, you know, it's fun just playing and getting into battles and getting into bodies. Really it's just reading into defenses and you know, picking my spots and today the drives were there."

Hayward made the above statement right after dropping 19 points on Atlanta in Minnesota's Summer League finale. Most players would immediately point out their best offensive output of the week-long games but Hayward started with defense, a similar mindset to his summer league outlook before making the trip to Sin City.

"Win as many games as we can, work very, very, hard be a good teammate you know play some D and go out there and have some fun," Hayward commented.