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Wolves Updates 8/31

Flynn has "great" pool workout today, Ronzone praises Love's defensive ability, fans launch "Bring Back Brian Cardinal" site and more


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

Six weeks after surgery to repair his hip, Jonny Flynn reported today on his Twitter account that he's off crutches and back walking for the first time in pool physical-therapy workouts.


From Jonny Flynn's twitter account:

Finally get to get off these crutches for a while. I get start walking on my own in my pool workout today. I'm hype! Its been 6weeks!


From Dave Campbell/Associated Press: Vikings put Rice on reserve for at least 6 games

Rice, meanwhile, said on his Twitter account Tuesday that he had a "great pool workout" with fellow hip-surgery patient Jonny Flynn, the point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Flynn had his procedure done six weeks ago and is expected to need another two or three months to recover.


From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site:  Love Developing as USA Chases Gold

Jonah Ballow: How have you seen him grow? He will be entering his third season in the league and we all know about the rebounding, that is his calling card and it's been talked about a lot. What have you seen out of his full game that has grown that maybe we are not seeing in the games but you get a chance to see in the practice facility?

Tony Ronzone:
We'll first of all, his defensive ability. He has really made an emphasis on playing defense and he is doing a great job of putting pressure on the ball and he is the only guy taking charges on our team. We got to do some more dirty work for our team to get to that gold medal game. Kevin has done that. He didn't take a charge last game but every game up to last night, he has taken a charge for us. His defense and he is aware of it and that is expanding his game, that's something I know Kurt Rambis and our coaching staff wanted him to do and he is really adapted to making that change. That is going to make him a better all-around player. We know he can rebound, we know he can score, and he has actually come out and made a couple of threes for us, which is nice as a trail four. This has been great for him to learn a different style of game, being around top players in our NBA, so this is huge for us and huge for him most importantly.


From Shaun Powell/ Rising stars to watch in the 2010-11 season

Kevin Love, Timberwolves: He operates in an unconventional world. Love is a walking contradiction. For two years he averaged only 26 minutes a night for a losing team, and yet is one of the Wolves' better players. He's a solid rebounder who lacks low-post moves, and a deft passer who plays a rugged position. Maybe this is the year the Wolves figure out how to best use Love and keep him on the floor. He's always around the ball and tends to make something happen. And he wasn't chosen to Team USA this summer by accident. With no Al Jefferson around, Love finally has his chance to become the low-post presence for a team that doesn't have many. You think the Wolves will finally, you know, put him in the starting lineup?


From Game On:  Ricky Rubio continues to amaze with his sleight of hand (VIDEO)


From Jerry Zgoda's twitter account:

#Timberwolves' summer makeover is missing one monumental crowning touch. Check out this groundswell fan effort: