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For Your Reading Pleasure


This has nothing to do with the Wolves, but today's Sid column about the Gopher football program is one for the ages. Watch and learn as Sid takes a view of the wreckage after the Brew Crew goes down (hard) to a D1-AA nobody:

According to, Ohio State is the Big Ten leader with a budget of $32.3 million. Iowa is second at $26.90 million, followed by Wisconsin ($22.71), Penn State ($19.13), Michigan ($18.03), Michigan State ($15.86), Northwestern ($15.71), Purdue ($12.66), Indiana ($11.84), Illinois ($10.49) and then the Gophers at $9.25 million.

And it's no coincidence the lowest-spending teams in the conference are typically the second-division teams, while the big spenders generally finish at or near the top.


Of course! They don't spend enough.  Maybe Sid was simply trying to write a column as embarrassing as a loss to South Dakota.