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Wolves Updates 9/13

Loves plays final minute of Team USA gold medal game, team takes out full-page ad featuring letter to fans and more


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

With the first morning training-camp practice just 12 days away, Kevin Love flew home on Team USA's chartered flight from Turkey at 3 a.m. Monday Istanbul time after he and Team USA walked off with World Championships gold medals following an 81-64 victory over host Turkey.

Love played just the final minute-plus Sunday night, after Kevin Durant once again long before he assured the Americans of victory.


From Jonah Ballow's twitter account:

Tony Ronzone just sent this PIC to me from Turkey w/ #Twolves F Kevin Love celebrating GOLD


From Henry Abbott/TrueHoop: 14 world championships observations

12. Poor Kevin Love
He was essentially this team's best big man, and did everything right when he was on the floor. He gave up his summer. But as the tournament rolled on, he stopped getting playing time, as the team was determined to be athletic, and Lamar Odom played so unbelievably hard, and effectively, against bigger players.

So, did Love get bitter about the whole thing?

Heavens no. If Team USA has ever had a better, louder, more vocal cheerleader I don't know who it was. He was off his feet, screaming and pumping his fists for his teammates every second. As Turkoglu's Q-rating fell on Sunday, Love's rose.


From Mike Durkin/FOX 9 News:

The Minnesota  Timberwolves published a full-page ad in the back of Monday’s Star Tribune, touting the athleticism and potential of newcomers while dishing out some brutal honesty – the team likely won’t be contenders again in 2010-11.

The ad is "long-winded" letter to fans, pledging transparency throughout the season with regard to team strategy and operations – a bit of a State of the Timberwolves address.


From the Associated Press:

Included in the letter are these words: "So will we challenge for the NBA championship this year? Not likely."

Chief marketing officer Ted Johnson says this is part of the team's attempt to establish a new relationship with fans and bring some transparency to how it operates.


From Sean Meagher/ Minnesota Timberwolves: 5 training camp questions