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Wolves Updates 9/15

Beasley gets ready for training camp, Tolliver and teammates go out to dinner and more

From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site (includes video):

Jonah Ballow: You have been in town a couple of week now getting ready for the season. Can you talk to us about what you have been doing with the team?

Michael Beasley: Mostly conditioning, you know, some vacation, we all take a nice little break. We are just trying to get into shape, trying to get into 50-minute shape instead of 48-minute. We are trying to run a lot this year and feed the league a little speed.

Jonah Ballow:
Are you getting used to the city a little bit? I know you moved in town -- are you starting to get used to Minnesota?

Michael Beasley:
Yeah, it's nice man. The fans are nice, it's a bit nippy at night but it's good. I live about 25 minutes out, so I have a nice scenic drive on the way home. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.



From Anthony Tolliver's twitter account:

At dinner wit @J_Flynn, @W_Johnson, luke, martell, b-easy, kosta, bassy, loso, and wayne...good times wit the new teammates #twolvesallday


From Trey Kerby/Ball Don't Lie: David Kahn pledges a 'singular move' for the Timberwolves


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From John Krolik/ProBasketballTalk:  Timberwolves use state-of-the-art nutrition/exercise program



From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:

Those were Timberwolves players at the Cream nightclub in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday night for a going-away party for Al Jefferson, traded to the Utah Jazz.