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Wolves Updates 9/17

Jonah Ballow talks to Ridnour and more


From Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site:  Ridnour Ready for Action

Jonah Ballow: 29 years old, you are the old man on the roster. How does that feel?

Luke Ridnour: It feels weird man but I feel pretty young too, so it will help me being around these young guys to feel a little younger. Just to be in a leadership role a little bit more and help these guys along and you know, ultimately win games.

Jonah Ballow: Leadership comes in many different ways. Are you a vocal guy or is it lead by example?

Luke Ridnour: I think it's both. I think you have to lead by example first and then you earn respect and then you can speak up vocally. I have been around a lot longer than most of these guys, so just try to help them anyway I can to get better. If they get better, ultimately our team gets better.



From Aron Philipps/Dime Magazine: Michael Beasley: "Pat Riley Wins At Any Cost"