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Wolves Updates 9/23

Wolves media day tomorrow, team bringing additional players to training camp, Rambis says every position "up for grabs" and more

From the Timberwolves site:

Media Day 2010 LIVE
Get to know the 2010 Wolves with an inside look at media day LIVE from the Life Time Fitness Training Center. All the players will appear live on with your chance to ask questions from 12-2 PM on Friday, September 24. Simply visit on Friday and submit your questions via Cover It Live, Twitter, or Facebook and watch all the players answer your questions directly for the ultimate interactive experience.


From Jerry Zgoda's twitter account:

#Timberwolves bringing DeMarr Johnson, Maurice Ager, former Gopher John Thomas and former Wolf Jason Hart to camp to fill out roster


From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press: Q&A with Minnesota Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis

Q: Is Kevin (Love) your starting power forward?

A: Everything is up for grabs. I like it that way. Nobody will be given time. They will have to earn it. That's the environment and culture I came from. Everybody will have to conform to that.

Q: Did you understand Love's concerns last year with coming off the bench?

A: Coming off the bench had nothing to do with Kevin. It had more to do with what was best for the team. We needed more of a defensive unit on the floor. I didn't think Al could come off the bench with his knee situation.


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune: Rambis likes more athletic, versatile Wolves

Q What will it take from you to get him to play to his potential?

A I think I have to allow him a certain amount of freedom, but I also want to be able to channel him. We have a certain amount of structure in our offense. I'm sure that will be a little bit frustrating for him in the beginning. The few weeks I spent with him in Minnesota showing him little nuances in our offense, you see that he gets it, he knows that he likes it, he feels very comfortable in those positions. But we still have to get together as a team and see how those puzzle pieces fit.

Q How much can you -- or will you have to -- play him and Kevin Love together?

A I don't know how much I have to play them together. Right now, I can envision Kevin playing some minutes at the '5' spot [center]. I can see Beasley playing significant minutes at the '3' [small forward] as well as the '4' [power forward]. Our team is so much more versatile, but I won't know what fits until we start working and put them out there in preseason games.


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune: Wolves Chat with Jerry Zgoda 



From Royce Young/  Preseason Primers: Timberwolves


From Kyle Stack/Slam Online: A fashion expert’s take on the League’s brand-new threads.

Sabrina says: "The new Timberwolves jersey is a major upgrade from last year’s, even though the players are gonna look like they’re perpetually dealing with bright blue pit stains. That aside, the new neckline is a major improvement over the old one, which was pretty cool, but too fashion-y and artistic for a sports jersey. I’m also happy to see that they banished the unnecessary and hideous pops of green, keeping the color palette a lot cleaner and more uniform. However, if Dr. Freeze saw this, he would sue for copyright infringement."