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I Haven't Forgotten My Password

A few quick words of advice for those of you looking to do some home remodeling: It's going to take 2 months longer than you think it will and you will find 10 more things that need to be fixed.  You will also end up spending thousands of dollars more than you first thought you would.  

On the bright side of things, the madness is almost over.  We are a counter top away from being done.  Unfortunately, it's the 3rd counter top that we've had measured, and we've gone through 2 different service providers in order to find someone that actually can get a real measurement on our cabinets...but, that's another story altogether.  

I just wanted to drop a few random thoughts on the state of the Wolves and to start to get back into a writing mode before the team starts up training camp right here in my backyard.  


  • How nice is it that David Kahn has been forced into silence with a hefty fine?  Thank you Mike Beasley.  You are a magic man.  Perhaps we can get David Stern to drop off a $50-100k fine on the POBO every 6 months or so to ensure that he doesn't feel the need to start mouthing off again.  
  • Pipers and Muskies?  No thanks.  I love Minny basketball and I am a child of the 80s, but it's pretty hard to get nostalgic about a team that started up in 89.  
  • Kevin Love is the pre-Rubio face of the franchise.  Check out the merchandise page....well, not this one. At least they still don't have Gerald Green on the NBA page like they did a year ago.  
  • Kevin Love is really, really good. 
  • Now that David Kahn has shut up, it's probably a whole lot easier for media members to realize that he actually has a decent plan to build around Rubio.  It's hard to give credit to a douche and once you stop reminding people that you are a douche, things start to look upwards. Ricky Rubio + Kevin Love + massively athletic swingmen who can shoot the 3 isn't that bad of an idea.  
  • Ricky Rubio is really, really good for a 19 year old point guard.  
OK folks, it's getting closer and closer to the regular season.  We'll really start ramping up the coverage once training camp starts.  Until later.