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Clown Patrol

This was one of those games that just about makes you hate the NBA.  

In their last match-up against the Spurs, Wolves fans were treated to the League Pass stylings of Sean Elliott, who spent the entire game talking about, among other things, the weight of the Wolves' players, their inability to read a scouting report, and, most notably,  the refs' ability to call the game according to the better fortunes of Los Spurs. 

In one instance, Elliott even made mention of the fact that the Wolves were robbed, but, oh well, that's just what young teams deserve. 

Tonight, Wolves fans were treated to a barrage of technicals and mind-numbingly atrocious calls from the zebras.  Would they have won with better reffing?  No, but it was such a blatant part of the game that it turned what should have been entertainment into a tragedy.  Watching Richard Jefferson get away with what was called against Luke Ridnour against the Celtics is not fun.  Watching Tim Duncan run into Mike Beasley on a 3 point shot (spraining his ankle in the process), travel on the very next possession, and then jump up and down like a baby when a call didn't go his way is pathetic.  His game is Hall of Fame, but...well, he was in full clown mode tonight. 

As for the game, there are a few items of note.  

First, Jonny Flynn is clearly hurt.  This only adds to the pain involved with him not knowing how to play basketball.  Tonight, in a span of about 5 minutes, he was able to run a series of switch-outs that left him being defended by Matt Bonner. Each time, he not only exhibited a complete lack of awareness of the mismatch, but he was unable to physically separate himself from the Red Rocket. That is an awful, awful thing if you are a sub 6 foot point guard.  It's a one way ticket out of the league.  With Flynn at the point, the Wolves may as well walk the ball across half court and throw it out of bounds.  That's pretty much what is happening when he is out there instead of Luke Ridnour or the dearly departed (for reasons unknown) Sebastian Telfair.  

Second, Martel Webster is an intriguing player.  There seems to be something missing with his game--an inability to fully capitalize on the moves that get him into the lane--but he's the most complete natural 2/3 this team has had in quite a while.  His effort tonight was outstanding and here's hoping he can really excel in an offense run by Ricky Rubio.  The guy will be deadly in catch and shoot situations from beyond the arc--much more so than Wes Johnson, as Webster can put the ball on the ground. 

Finally, Mike Beasley probably should not have played tonight. He gave it a great effort by trying to tough it out, but he was simply too much of a liability with his limited movement.  It really is a shame that he reinjured his ankle. 

That's about it folks.  The officiating was the big story of this game and it really overshadowed any of the actual action.  Too bad.  What do you think deserves attention? 

Until later.