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Dealing with disappointment



I find it best to deal with disappointment by listening to some good music.  Sooner or later David Kahn is going to be walking Spanish...either by redefining the term, or by being led out by his belt.  

Anywho, after getting handled by our partners in Clippergeddon, I thought tonight's game wrap would best be handled by helping Wolves fans deal with the inevitable. More here

What do we do? 


  1. Shift your expectations: Blueprint 2.0 becomes United We Run becomes....?
  2. Redirect your thinking: Ricky Rubio is Basketball Jesus.  He has to be, right?
  3. Communicate more effectively: David Kahn is a rainbow unicorn. Optimism!
Game specific options:
  1. Brewer!
  2. Brewer!
  3. Love!
  4. Love!
  5. Love!
In all seriousness, the big thing I can say about this game is that Love ended the 1st half with zero rebounds but he also was quick to 20 points and he got the Clippers front court into foul trouble.  As is almost always the case with the big fella, he finds a way to make a positive impact.  Add a 4th point to dealing with disappointment: watch Kevin Love.   Also, the Clips are a completely different team with Blake Griffin on the bench.  The Wolves made their big run with Blake on the bench in the late 3rd with 4 fouls, almost all of them (all of them?) drawn by Mr. Love.  Love also got DeAndre Jordan into foul trouble.  Fouls and contact are amazing things.  Too bad they are in short supply on the Wolves outside of Kevin Love. Wes Johnson has 6 FTAs in 2011.  BTW: Johnson ended the game with an astounding 12 minutes of game action.  He was outscored by human Clipper victory cigar Willie Warren, who hadn't played in 22 games but scored 2 points (outscoring Johnson by 2) within 30 seconds of stepping on the court vs. Our Beloved Puppies. He did so in 2 minutes of game action.  

Until later.