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Game Thread, It's Been a Long Time Edition


Here's a positive for Our Beloved Puppies: When was the last time they had a trap game? I kind of want to count the tilt where the good guys caught the Cavs on the wrong side of being showed up by the guy who took his talents to South Beach, but that just seems kind of wrong.

Tonight, against a massively depleted Cats squad, the Wolves are definitely on the lookout for the Three Hounds of Trapdom: complacency, the after-effects of over-eating, and death rays from half-completed intergalactic battle stations.

May the thing-that-we-hope-does-not-cause-the-Wolves-to-undergo-a-change-in-speed-direction-or-shape be with you.

Our blogging buddies for the night are the soon to be vanquished Rufus on Fire. Be excellent to one another and never underestimate the ability of small forest creatures to play a key role in determining the victor during vast conflicts between obscenely advanced civilizations.